Edward Christie at Number 30

This month, we are honored to invite a well-known British motion graphic designer, Edward Christie, to create an illustration for our monthly street art showcase. Here he tells us about his inspiration and his work on door 30.



Can you tell us about yourself and your artistic style?

I am a Motion Graphic Designer/Animator, by trade, I work full time at an advertising company called Adam&EveDDB. I've been drawing since I can remember, often in the form of a narrative. I use a range of materials from charcoal to vectors. I love drawing on my iPad and on my computer; I embrace change and technology.



What influences your art?

Growing up I was always influenced by cartoons and computer games. Both mediums often involve strong characters and stories. 

Nowadays I will often look to other illustrators; I like the style of illustration that Nobrow publish, they have a strong emphasis on colour and print. 

Music also plays a big role in my life, I also draw inspiration from the words & lyrics in songs, as well as the melodies. 



What is the story of your work on door 30 and the meaning behind the story?

That is an illustration from a short graphic novel that I am writing/illustrating called The Mouths of Many Leopards. Its a panel that has been adapted especially for the door (it was originally landscape). It's a poignant part of the story, the protagonist has just embarked on a life-changing adventure around the world. It's a moment of potential bravery, or insanity.



Tell us about ‘The Mouths of Many Leopards’ and your inspiration?

It's about a man named Cecil B Fitznaurice, who has everything you might desire in a western society, until one morning he wakes up and gives away his immediate wealth and decides to  embark on a quest, in search for answers to his existential questions. It's an epic journey of discovery. 



How do you ‘Escape the Ordinary’ in your day to day life? 

At the risk of sounding extremely pretentious I'd say through my imagination. I read, watch films, go out etc.... but to really escape the ordinary, I explore my imagination. It sounds so cheesy, but it's true.



What is your favourite European destination and why? 

Italy! Because it's beautiful and the food is incredible.


Which is your favorite Western Assembly brand? 

Hanska. I think their bags have a clean simplicity to them, whilst maintaining a good functionality to them.


What influences what you wear?



What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Well my Dad once told me "Do what you love and the money will follow."

I've never forgotten that (he has) and it's always made sense. The only problem with that advice, is that being an artist is tough, so sometimes you think you don't love it! However... my sister said to me around the age 22, "The wisest man, knows he does not know." 

Which stuck with me, because it was a stage in my life where I consciously decided to try and be taken seriously as an artist. I realised I'd have to start challenging myself and accepting there were things I didn't know and needed to learn. You have to be honest with your self in any creative endeavour.

▀ Come and view Edward’s work at 30, Redchurch St until January 9th. Follow Edward Christie on Instagram @edward_christie

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