European Breaks To Enjoy Before Everyone Else Does

Why is travelling so much more satisfying when you're exploring a destination that is, on the most part, unknown to the masses? 

Here at Western Assembly we are always looking for our next opportunity to #EscapeTheOrdinary and have compiled a list of European destinations that will have you smugly snapping pictures from an under the radar idyll in no time.

1) Tivat, Montenegro

Croatia's little brother Montenegro boats the same lush mountainous backdrop, Mediterranean food and yachts but with a fraction of the tourists. Head to Tivat, just a couple of hours south of Dubrovnik in the Bay of Kotor, where 360 degree views will have you feeling 'walking-in-slow-motion-cigar-in-hand' good. Damn. 

Tivat Montenegro_ European Breaks You Have Never Heard Of

Photo courtesy of the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club

2) Aveiro, Portugal

Nestled one hour south of Porto and two hours north of Lisbon, Aveiro is known as Portugal's answer to Venice. Take a trip in a Moliceiro (Gondola), explore painted houses of the Costa Nova Beach or simply relax in a local cafe with a Nata or two. 

Aveiro Portugal_ Uncover Undiscovered Destinations In Europe 

Photo courtesy of Guia Viajesa 

3) Reine, Norway

Does Lofoten Archipelago mean anything to you? No us either... until now. This is where you will find the fishing village of Reine. With a population of under 500 you'll feel like one of the locals as you get swept away in this rural haven. If you're lucky you might even see the Northern Lights.

Reine Norway_ Undiscovered European Destinations

Photo © copyright by Jack Brauer

4) Piran, Slovenia

Shooting east directly across the Adriatic Sea from Venice you will find Piran. This town has everything that makes a town unforgettable, a maze of winding alleyways, endless terracotta roofs sparkling ocean and unmissable seafood. 

 Piran Unknown European Destinations

Photography credit © Richard Huber via EuropeUpClose.com

5) Alacati, Turkey

Whether you're looking to lounge on one of the nearby beaches, enjoy watersports or indulge in local turkish cuisine, Alacati has got your covered. The vibrant cobbled streets alone are enough of a pull to this small Turkish town that's 45 minutes from Izmir.

Alacati_ Hidden European Destinations

Photography credit Chigdem Hotel

6) Gdansk, Poland

Explore long stretches of beach by day and the candle lit corners of the town by night. The architecture will have you reeling as will the history of this small but important destination which was the first place in Europe to see the fall of Communism. 

Gdansk_ European cities you've never heard of

Photography credit Landscape Lifescape Blog, Tumblr

Albarracín, Spain

Long debated as possibly the most beautiful village in Spain, Albarracín is drenched in history and was declared a national monument in its own right half a century ago. Despite having just over 1,000 residents this small town boasts acclaimed restaurants and year round art exhibitions and events.

Albacarin Spain's Most Beautiful Town _ Western Assembly Blog

Photography credit DiegoAndLori.com


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