A Practical Guide to Styling for the Sun

On a balmy summers evening, no one wants to be the one sweating it out in a wool suit. It's time to get strategic. Know your fabrics, master layering and navigate Spring and Summer in comfort and style.

Get Neutral

Colours to demand this season are mint, dusty peach, grey and white. All in-season and guaranteed to attract less heat than a black tee. 

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Find Your Fit

Invest in shirts tailored to your needs, or in this case, untailored. Whether it's your best mates wedding or a garden grill, casual summer events scream for contemporary, clean shapes that don't cling to the body. Want to make a statement? Opt for a print but keep the fit clean and airy.

Work-life Balance

So you can't escape tailoring in the office? This is when fabrics really come into play. Stock up on cottons, linens and discover bamboo. Avoid any poly's and you're set to go. 

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