Hin at Number 30

At our Shoreditch flagship, we continued to collaborate with street art talent on our Door No.30 art series.

This January we have been lucky enough to join forces with London-based illustrator and street artist Hin, a celebrated 'contradiction' artist who originally hails from Hong Kong. Hin's work has been exhibited in Miami, Amsterdam, France, Brussels and Asia. We find out more about his inspirations and “A Real Clown” which can be viewed at our flagship (30, Redchurch St).


@Hin_art A Real Clown Street Art

Above image; 'A Real Clown' as featured on door 30 at Western Assembly


Can you tell us about yourself and your artistic style?

I am very immature & unpredictable. I am like a badly raised kid trapped inside an adult's body and my work reflects that very much.


What influences your art?

All the information I gathered in my life. Especially the little voices that keep talking non-stop inside my head.


Hin Art When I Grow Up I Want To Be A

Above Image; Hin's series of 'When I Grow Up I Want To Be A'



What is the story of your work on door 30 and does it have any meaning behind it?

"A Real Clown" makes himself feel happy not the others.


Real Clown Door 30 Art Series with Western Assembly Menswear #EscapeTheOrdinary

How do you ‘Escape the Ordinary’ in your day to day life?

Music, films and count my breathing.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Don't waste time blaming the world, constant self reflection (NOT criticism) and most importantly, work work work work work.


Hin Artists Street Art Shoreditch RedchurchAbove image; Hin adds finishing touches to his piece on Door 30, Redchurch St

What is your favourite European destination and why?

 South of France. Full of sun light. Seems like you're in the middle of nowhere but it's actually full of hidden master artists.


Which is your favourite Western Assembly brand?

I can't say a favourite but I like some accessories from Hanska. Clothes ... L'Homme Rouge and La Paz


What influences what you wear?

 My state of mind and how much money I have.




Real Clown Street Art at Western Assembly


▀ Come and view Hin's work at 30, Redchurch St until Febuary 9th. Follow Hin on Instagram by searching the following handle; @hin_art

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